• Traditionally, mechanical preparation, erection of scaffolding, high water pressure jetting inside vessels or towers and extended manual cleaning all increase the risk factors on a Turnaround. Hydrocarbon flushing followed by steaming to flare, or direct to atmosphere, is time-consuming and can often leave hidden pockets of hazardous contaminants.
  • In addition, although prolonged steaming may eliminate volatile compounds, the down-side can be that heavy hydrocarbons may become coke, making final cleaning on entry, very difficult indeed.

UNIT DECONTAMINATION, Liquid or vapor phase

  • With Techno-Kleen programs, benzene and other hazards associated with refinery and petrochemical processing can be eliminated in a fraction of the time normally associated with conventional shutdown preparation.
  • Techno-Kleen programs combine unique environmentally safe chemical products with mobile pump systems and bespoke temporary piping systems to remove Pyrophoric Iron Sulphide and residual H2S, providing safer and faster refinery turnarounds. In some cases it has avoided the use of vaporization techniques that can have the adverse effect of making heavy deposits and sludges even harder to remove after the steaming phase.


  • Zero LEL, Zero H2S, Less than 0.5 ppm Benzene, and no additional steaming out or N2 purging required after the procedure. Reduced requirement for heat exchangers to be pulled during the shutdown, saving considerable time. Pyrophoric materials are oxidized, and where bound with hydrocarbons, scale deposits may be removed.
  • TK-121 is neutral, biodegradable and has no adverse impact on materials of construction within the process equipment. Once the temporary emulsion has been broken, effluent can be pumped directly to the slops tank.
  • Modular equipment (20-foot container), easy to install & commission, using 20bar pipe-work (Certified Victaulic).