Techno-Kleen & TK-121 were developed to be implemented as an essential preparation stage (pre-maintenance decontamination)to provide refineries with safer and faster turnarounds. Chemical Decontamination is much faster and more thorough when compared to conventional methods.

Traditional methods of removing benzene and freeing process equipment of heavy sludges and deposits have used environmentally unfriendly chemicals or prolonged steaming. Following traditional procedures on opening equipment, cooling down and high pressure water cleaning needed to be done, with consequent impact on time at a critical stage in the Turnaround. And, additional waste disposal issues.

When Traditional Methods and Techno-Kleen Decontamination are compared, costs of scaffolding, manpower, mechanical support, handling and removing hazardous waste, all combine together to create a cost that is frequently higher than a Techno-Kleen Decontamination cost, without the valuable time saving.

Techno-Kleen installation system is modular, easy to prepare and implement and very flexible within the turnaround planning process. Use light, stainless steel pipe-work, max. 20 bar working pressure and minimize the use of flexible hoses.


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