Techno-Kleen & TK-121 were developed to be implemented as an essential preparation stage (pre-maintenance decontamination)to provide refineries with safer and faster turnarounds. Chemical Decontamination is much faster and more thorough when compared to conventional methods.

Traditional methods of removing benzene and freeing process equipment of heavy sludges and deposits have used environmentally unfriendly chemicals or prolonged steaming. TECHNO-KLEEN offers the cost effective solution. It combines specialized industrial services, no-man-entry engineering strengths with unique chemistry, application proficiency and process engineering expertise. Concentrations of 0.5% to 2% in water of TK-121 can remove even heavy sludges containing paraffins, asphaltenes, coke particles and inorganic scales, such as iron sulphide and iron oxide. Benzene, PAHs and other light ends, which often become entrapped in these sludges and scale deposits are also removed.

TECHNO-KLEEN gives you the opportunity to change your traditional methods by testing our system. Call us or send an e-mail to info@techno-kleen.com